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Rumba in the studio

2 months of daily rehearsals

On January 24th of the year 2020, we recorded our live songs for a TV3 TV project called "Rumba a L'estudi". The Delai went to the recording studio "Studies Ground" that is located in Cornellà de Terri province of Girona.


We arrived in Cornellá de Terri in the morning very early, with time to go to breakfast and to confraternity for a while with the family before the recording. Once inside the study we got into the work and with concentration we went ahead. Since the first contact you could see a serious work and professionalism environment. During the first 15 minutes we toured the facilities and met the team. Once made the official presentations, we had about 45 minutes to connect, get comfortable, test sound and start recording.


For the recording we have prepared 18 songs of the Delai, and we have had a hard work to get the best of each of them, since we had to shorten many of them to be able to record them in only 54 minutes, that is the duration of the program. We have met a very professional technical team who have not hesunated to help, please or cover any need that arose. A very warm and humane treatment that has made us feel comfortable and calm.

An unforgettable day

An unforgettable morning in which we could give the best of us, giving away art and leaving latent the message of each of our songs. Soon we can see the result of this experience and make our own assessment. At least we have served to close two months and polished a repertoire that was a bit forgotten and badly finished.

Catalan health and Rumba.

Rumba in TV3 Studio
Ground Studies. 
RGB Productions. 
The band before Grain Bar
The Delai in Rumba to the studio. Moments before the recording begins.

Final video

Now the Delai have all the songs of the two albums arranged to enter into action in any of the concerts of 2020.

Watch video

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