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The Delai in Vallespir

Everything comes from a contact that gave us a friend of ours who worked at that time the Vivaldi group of Figueres.

This contact led us to Céret, specifically, in a bar called "La Chunga". There we met François Parramon, in "Xisku de Céret".

At that time we touched the market of Céret and François Parramon opened the doors to a whole world where we met fantastic people and a new culture.

Villages such as Argelès-sur-Mer, Sant Llorenç de Cerdans, Prats de Molló, are villages where very funny parties are made. The Féria of Céret, the Fiesta of the bear, etc…

They have a way to enjoy the main festivals completely different that we are accustomed to our region, the Alt Empordà. In Vallespir they have welcomed us very well and made me great friendships participating in many private events such as weddings and anniversaries.

During those years we also met the Priscilla Beauclair, thanks to her we had the opportunity to play at the Fête de l'humanité festival in Paris. It is a political-cultural festival where stands are concentrated in all the regions of France and most countries in the world. Each one with its own particular music and food letter. A luxury!

In conclusion, we are very happy because we can say that we have done a small family thanks to music.

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