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Recording Xisku of Céret

It was a splendid day! Very soon in the morning, we went to Can I find sandwiches and water for everyone and we started to Céret where we had stayed the bar Les Arcades with people who want to participate.

When we arrived We marveled at the success of the Facebook call we did and to the To see so many people immediately began to plan all the steps to make The recording to coordinate people and take care of everybody so that they do not lose Programming detail.

The complexity Be remarkable, since the recording was located in the market of Céret, where it concentrates Many people every Sunday. When we had everything ready was… Camera Action!! And everything happened very fast.

It must be said that during The recording and predominated laughter, Good vibes and lots of fun.

At noon we To eat, minus the goat, Donkey and Xisku, who devoted themselves to A few recordings by the people.

When we were all nice and served we went to the barbershop Abat Torres where our good friend Abat Olivier served us a few coffees and recorded the last part while he was going to be his beard in Xisku.

In short, a Round Day!

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