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The band


Fidels al projecte i al grup.

Formar part dels Delai ja és una qüestió definitiva. Els Delai dels seus inicis ha estat en transformació constant, amb alts i baixos, i és un espai on abocar-hi idees noves i laboratori lliure de creativitat. La banda creix, la banda minça, però la banda sempre hi és. Salut i música.

Domènec Ludenya Calpe - Compositor, guitarrista i cantant.
martin els delai
Carlos Martin Coronel

Baix elèctric i coros

domenec ludenya compositor cantant i guitarrista els delai
Domènec Ludenya Calpe

Composició, guitarra i veu

Jordi Salvatella tenora els delai
Jordi Salvatella




compositor, guitarrista i cantant dels delai
Eudald de la Higuera

Guitarra, vocal i compositor

david puntunet
David Puntunet

Trombonista i compositor

Ramon Cornejo


fidel cuentas quisberth
Fidel Cuentas Quisberth

Percussió llatina

imatge i so figueres
Robert - Imatge i so Figueres

Tècnic de so i llums


Catalan rumba of the Empordà.

About the Delai, Catalan rumba of the Empordà, we were born in 2012 as a Catalan rumba dúo, starting with versions but with the clear ideia of making a sound of Catalan rumba of its own, little flamenco and close to pop. Even so, estimating the instrumental rumbas of the Gypsy Kings or Paco de Lucía. Our expansion goes on to play Céret on the terrace of the Chunga by François Parramon.


2013 first self-released disc

After constant visits to the Vallespir we removed the first album: "Step of fear" that will have a great impact with songs "Like The Sun", "Les Senyoretes" and "Burro Català". Hundreds of discs sold by making small concerts on the day of the market.
There, in the Chunga and thanks to François Parramon again, we know David Puntunet and Llorens Parayre, Reynès and San Llorens de Cerdans. They will join the project with trumpet and trombone in the new Big Band training together with Javier Peña on bass. From here begins a three-year period defending the album "Pas de por" and visiting many places in Vallespir, Rosselló and Emporda.


2017 second album, Alchimia

In 2017 we present the second album. "Alchimia" is a new album with several of its own songs, mixing hip-hop, Catalan rumba, and the sounds of street Txaranga. , Xisku de Céret, Estoy Contento, Men of Collons, Mon amie, etc… Songs in French, Catalan and Spanish, without any confrontation. An enriching blend for everyone. This is well known by frontier peoples.


2018, Madness

The summer 2018 the Delai Fundation, a project in which the stage show comes into play. Beyond virtuosity is the soul of the project where the incorporation of friendly figures and new components will mark our path from now on.


2019, we return to our center

The summer 2019 Jordi Salvatella joins the Tenora and paints the musical atmosphere with a Catalan stroke that we love. The Tenora incorporated into modern music, a great discovery.
At the end of the year, the proposal was made to make a recording for Rumba in L'estudi, a musical program of concerts at the opening hours, which can be a showcase for festivals and new contacts. The project, very demanding and professional, is not free from discrepancies and discussions between authors, publishers and TV3.


2020 New Horizons

We started the decade with the recording of the music video "en Xisku de Céret", a simple but explosive video at the Vallespir, which transcended the group itself and the music itself to form part of the group of Northern Catalonia. All the further, it drives back the project and will incorporate more rigour in the shows and the music itself..
From now on. Single to single with built-in video.
New songs "Tubes" in sight as the goat Ska still unpublished, first song composed by Eudald de la Higuera Pou.
Let's Go!
Health and music.